All Briggs and Stratton 12-Kilowatt to 20-Kilowatt Home Standby Generators at Norwall
7% Off PLUS Extended 7-Year Warranty
Limited Time Offer Ends June 28, 2019

Includes All Briggs and Stratton 12-Kilowatt to 20-Kilowatt Home Standby Generators

A home with electrical power during an outage supplied by a Briggs and Stratton Home Standby Generator
Briggs and Stratton Home Standby Generators Automatically Supply Power During Outages. No Refueling. Works in Any Weather. 24/7 Reliability

Norwall PowerSystems News, May 24, 2019: For immediate release: Norwall PowerSystems offers Briggs and Stratton Home Backup Generators for Seven Percent off Plus a 7-Year Warranty from May 24 to June 28, 2019. The offer applies to Briggs and Stratton air-cooled Home Backup Generators from 12kW to 20kW installed by July 31, 2019. Homeowners save up to 400 dollars off Norwall’s everyday price and receive a 7-Year Warranty on parts, labor, and travel—an additional $695 value.

Briggs and Stratton home standby generators work automatically to protect your family and home during power outages. Standby Generators supply electricity to your home within moments after a power outage occurs and keep running until the utility restores service.

Briggs and Stratton Home Standby Generators include numerous features to help keep your family and home safe during power outages, no matter how long they last. Like most other permanently connected appliances, they start and run automatically in any weather—even during a hurricane. Natural gas or propane fuel eliminates storing gasoline and shutting down to refuel several times a day.

Modern Home with Briggs and Stratton Whole House Home Standby Generator
Briggs and Stratton Home Standby Generators for Whole House Power
Don’t Let Power Outages Leave You in the Dark

The 7%-Off 7-Year Warranty Offer at Norwall ( coincides with the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season which begins June 1 and ends November 30. Andrea, the first-named storm of 2019, formed on May 20 east of the Florida coast. Forecasters predict a Near Average 2019 Season with 5-7 Hurricanes and up to four Major Hurricanes. The season could bring up to 14 named storms.

“This is a great time for homeowners to complete their emergency preparedness plans with backup power to buy a Briggs and Stratton Home Standby Generator. The sale price and warranty extension can save customers up to $1100,” according to Travis LaVallie at Norwall.

A product warranty indicates a company’s confidence durability, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Briggs and Stratton’s unique 5-5-5 warranty is unlike any other warranty in the industry. Parts, Labor, and Travel are all covered for a full five years. Other brands only cover major parts after two or three years. The 7-Year Extended Warranty provides the same full coverage as the 5-5-5 Warranty for a full seven years.

A 12-Kilowatt Briggs and Stratton Home Standby Generator Installed Outside a Mid-Sized Two Story Home
A 12-Kilowatt Briggs and Stratton Home Standby Generator Provides Plenty of Power for Essential and Critical Circuits During an Outage

Briggs and Stratton Home Standby Generator packages with a 200-Amp Whole House Automatic Transfer Switch can power entire homes using the included Symphony II Power Management System. For medium to large homes, the 17-Kilowatt 40555 and  20-Kilowatt 40584 can manage multiple air conditioners. Add-On control modules allow the system to run water heaters, well pumps, and other permanently connected appliances. The 12-Kilowatt 40531 can power small to mid-sized homes.

Norwall has other Briggs and Stratton whole-house models with a 100-Amp or 150 Amp ATS rating. Whole House Generator Systems require an ATS rating equal or higher than the home’s electrical service rating. Another option powers up to 16 pre-selected circuits during an outage with a 100-Amp Load Center ATS. Briggs and Stratton Home Generator Features and Benefits give homeowners backup power options at affordable prices. Unlike portable Generators, Home Standby Generators start automatically, run on Natural Gas or Propane, and operate in any weather—even hurricanes.

Choosing the right generator requires more than considering the cost. A generator that is too small or can barely supply enough power wears out faster and may experience its own power outage when the generator’s main breaker trips to prevent an overload. A thorough homeowner can determine the correct size without too much difficulty. A licensed installer can provide insight. Working with an installer at onset of the project establishes a relationship that carries through to the end.

20-Kilowatt Briggs and Stratton Installed at a large, modern home
This 20-Kilowatt Briggs and Stratton Home Standby Generator Powers Multiple Air Conditioners and Furnaces for This Large Family Home with Symphony II Management

Beyond great everyday low prices, Norwall has Briggs and Stratton Generators In-Stock and ready to ship in 1-2 days. Free shipping to most locations includes lift-gate service.

Every Year, The Atlantic Hurricane Season and Storms throughout the United States cause an increasing number of power outages. Homeowners with a plan and a backup power source ride out storms and outages with ease.

Forecasts predict an average to slightly above average 2019 Atlantic Hurricane season. After three years of devastating storms, coastal states are bracing for up to 15 named storms, up to 7 hurricanes including 4 major hurricanes. Once forecast predicts 2 major hurricanes will make landfall in the United States.