Save Hundreds or Thousands on Kohler Standby Generators for Home or Business

Norwall PowerSystems News—June 13, 2019: Norwall PowerSystems announced new savings today on all Kohler Standby Generators for Homes and Businesses. The limited time offer runs from June 13 to June 27, 2019. The 10% Off sale discounts all Kohler 6kW to 60kW air-cooled and liquid cooled generators including commercial, residential, and off-grid applications. Customers can expect savings up to $500 on residential air-cooled and up to $2000 on liquid-cooled generators. The Kohler Father’s Day Savings coincide with preparations ahead of summers storms throughout the country and the first tropical cyclones of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. Sale prices include Norwall Online Purchases or those made through the Norwall sales department

Kohler Generators provide backup power during an outage, important when a strong storm knocks out power for more than an hour or two. Automatic operation on natural gas or propane fuel make use convenient and trouble free. Standby generators restore power within seconds after the power goes out.

Backup Power for Peace of Mind

Kohler 14kW to 20kW Home Standby Generator Residential Installation
Kohler Home Standby Generators start and run automatically in the harshest weather, including hurricanes.

“Family homes make up the largest single investment that many homeowners ever make. A new standby generator system adds value and protects not only the investment and but their family during a power outage.”

~Travis LaVallie at Norwall PowerSystems (

Lack of power for extended periods can render a home unsafe for families. Basements flood without sump pumps. Food spoils in refrigerators and freezers. Pipes burst in the winter and comfort turns to misery during a summer heat wave. Some medications require refrigeration and so does medical equipment like CPAP and Oxygen Concentrators. For these reasons and more, FEMA recommends a backup supply of power.

Without power, refrigerated food begins to spoil after just four to six hours, depending on your refrigerator and what is inside. If you’re away from home, you may not know if your food is safe or spoiled and it may be safest to dispose of it—expensive and disheartening, but very necessary to prevent food-borne illnesses.

Freezers stay frozen longer for up to 24 hours under ideal conditions. Full freezers stay cold even longer. But if you come home to flashing clocks and don’t have a generator, look for signs the food thawed. Melted ice cream, ice cubes that turned into blocks of ice, and foods that ran from containers all indicate the frozen food is unsafe.

Tip: Pour about 2 Cups of from 1-gallon water bottles and keep in the freezer. Use frozen water bottles to keep food in a cooler from spoiling or just to use up free space in freezer. It saves energy.

Kohler Generators at Norwall

Home Powered by a Kohler Standby Generator During a Storm
A single home with power supplied by a Kohler Standby Generator during an outage during a strong thunderstorm keeps the lights on, the sump pump working, and the food cold.

Norwall has Kohler Air-Cooled Home Standby Generators from 8 kilowatts to power just the essentials or up to 20 kilowatts for the entire home. Among the most popular models on sale are the Kohler 20-Kilowatt Home Standby and 14-Kilowatt Home Standby. Both generators include a 200-Amp Service Rated Automatic Transfer Switch with Power Management.

The Off-Grid 6-Kilowatt 6VSG DC Generators provide 24-volts, 36-volts, or 48 volts DC for charging batteries or supplying power directly through an inverter-charger. Kohler designed the 6VSG models specifically for off-grid and alternative energy systems.

Kohler Liquid Cooled Standby Generators power small to medium businesses, large homes, estates, and agricultural operations. The 24-Kilowatt 24RCL Liquid Cooled and 30-Kilowatt 30RCL Liquid Cooled Standby Generators make the perfect choice for larger homes with multiple air conditioners and furnaces that must run at the same time. Luxury homes, estates and business may need more power from the 38-Kilowatt 38RCLB, 48-Kilowatt 48RCLB or the 60-Kilowatt 60RCLA.

At home or at work, or on vacation halfway around the world, your Kohler Standby Generator is ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It runs in any weather and starts within seconds after the power goes out.

Portable vs Standby: What You Should Know

Not so with portables. They demand a steady of diet of gasoline (hard to come by after a natural disaster,) someone must go outside and hook them up and manually start them. You can’t run them next to a house and unless you have a manual transfer switch, they won’t run your heating or air conditioning.

Though useful for backup power if you don’t have a standby, the benefits of a standby far outweigh those of a portable.