New at Norwall. The Geneac 24kW  Generator with PWRview ATS and Home Energy Management System

Generac Guardian 24kW Generator Integrates Home Energy Monitoring with Standby System

Norwall PowerSystems announced the addition of the 24kW Generac Guardian Generator to their online product offering on Monday. The 24kW leads the Guardian Series of air-cooled home standby generators and the industry with the most powerful air-cooled model available. Maximum capacity of other brands is 20kW, while the previous Guardian leader was 22kW.

Generac’s 24kW comes in two models: the Generac 24kW with the new 200-Amp PWRview ATS and PWRview HEMS (Home Energy Monitoring System.) The standalone Generac 7209 is sold without an automatic transfer switch.

The New 24kW Generac Guardian 7210 Home Standby Generator with PWRview ATS and Home Energy Management System

New PWRview ATS and HEMS

The PWRview ATS with integrated load management is a whole-house service entrance rated switch. Another first is the home energy management system in a standby generator package. HEMS allows the homeowner to view their energy use in real time. Understanding energy use can lead to greater energy consciousness and reduce electricy use for up to 20 percent savings off the electric bill. The PWRview ATS is the first of its kind to help homeowners save energy when the generator is not in use. Over the life of the generator, homeowners could save enough power to cover the generator cost.

Soaring temperatures for long periods increase the risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Stay hydrated. Find a place to cool off. Take frequent breaks to rest.

Big Savings over Comparable Liquid Cooled Generators

In a webinar to service dealers and resellers, Generac explained how the new 24kW can save a homeowner or small business over 8000 dollars in purchase costs and installation. Competing products with the same power capability cost up to 5000 dollars more and take up more space. The Guardian Series is certified for 18-inch to building installation while liquid-cooled models require a five-foot clearance. This reduces landscaping repair and associated costs. The 24kW weighs 700 pounds less and eliminates the poured concrete slab requirement. Two people can move the generator with a cart instead of using a crane for positioning.

A large home with a 24kW Generac Generator and PWRview ATS with Home Energy Monitoring System
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Larger Homes and Small Businesses without room for a liquid cooled generator find the 24kW Guardian a good fit for small spaces, tight lot lines, and backyards.

Generac 24kW Generator Features and Benefits

The new Generac 24kW Generator includes familiar features and benefits that made the Generac Guardian Series the most popular generators nationwide.

  • Mobile Link WiFi connectivity to monitor generator functions from a mobile app.
  • Low RPM Quiet Test mode reduces noise, fuel use, and engine wear.
  • RhinoCoat finish over an aluminum enclosure resists corrosion in harsh environments.
  • Equipped with the 2017 NEC-Required Generator Prime Mover Shutdown Switch.

In a recent press release, Travis LaVallie said, “The new 24kW generator with PWRview ATS makes backup power available to larger homes and businesses with tight space constraints. Adding a Home Energy Monitoring System incorporates energy consciousness into a home backup system that actually saves the homeowner money.”

The product launch at Norwall took place on Monday, August 3, 2020.

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