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by | Apr 28, 2020

A Home with a Briggs and Stratton Standby Generator has the lights on and power for appliances and during an outage.

Champion Backup Generators power homes during outages. Seconds after an outage hits, the generator starts and the system moves the house onto generator power. 

Save Hundreds on a Champion Standby Generator System

Now while supplies last, get a Consumer Reports Best Buy or Recommended Champion Standby Generator for your home at 10 percent or 5 percent off the regular price. The limited offer saves homeowners up to 664 dollaes off Champion’s MSRP and hundreds odd Norwall’s everyday low price.

A Champion home standby generator restores power within seconds following a utility power outage or blackout. The generators operate on natural gas or propane and connect to the home with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). Champion Automatic Home Standby Generators keep refrigerators and freezers running, power heating and air conditioning to keep the house comfortable, and supply power to other essential and convenience circuits.

Limited Time Offer 10% or 5% off Champion Generators While Supplies Last

In 2018, Consumer Reports rated the Champion 8.5-Kilowatt 100177 Standby Generator a “Best Buy” for the money based on performance and power delivery, earning an “Excellent” rating in power quality and power delivery tests. No surprise with a reputation for designing the finest, most durable power equipment in their U.S. and Canadian facilities.

Champion Generator—Backup Power for Homes

Champion Power Equipment, an industry leader in Home Standby Generator and Portable Generators, has manufacturers and sold more than 2.5 Million Generators in America. Every automatic champion generator includes features you count on and trust to operate reliably at any time of year and in any weather for as long as the utility power stays out. Champion backs their home standby generators with an industry leading 10-year warranty and North American Support Centers for 100 percent customer satidfaction. 

Homeowners have an opportunity to saves hundreds of dollars as they prepare for the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season which starts June 1. Last year, California utility Pacific Gas and Electric Company began widespread power blackouts after lawsuits blamed wildfires on PG&E equipment and forced the utility into bankruptcy.

The 60kW Briggs and Stratton Liquid Cooled Standby Generator for luxury homes, estates, and commercial applications.

FAQ: Automatic Transfer Switch Rating—Which One Do I Need?
Norwall bundles Champion Home Generators with automatic transfer switches rated for whole house power (200-amps,) 8 circuits (50 amps) and 12 circuits (100 amps.) On a whole-house system, the ATS rating must equal or exceed the rating of the main circuit breaker panel it supplies. The 200-Amp Whole House ATS can supply anything rated at 200-amps or less. An 8 or 12-Circuit ATS acts more like a sub-panel and can supply current up to its maximum rating of either 100 amps or 50 amps. See our Power Expert Buyer Guide: How to Choose a Backup Generator Automatic Transfer Switch


20kW Briggs and Stratton 40584 Home Standby Generator with 200-Amp Symphony II Power Management Automatic Transfer Switch

Home Backup Champion Generators have a 24-volt starting system, the most powerful in the industry, for reliable starts in cold weather down to -22 degrees Fahrenheit. Gull-wing doors provide easy access to contols and maintenance. At just 63 dBA noise levels, the Champion ranks as one of the quietest air-cooled home standby generators on the market.

Each home and family has unique power requiments that can change over time. Larger homes and families may need more power than a small home. Some families may prefer better fuel economy over more power and choose a smaller generator. Norwall’s Power Expert includes sizing guides, buyer guides, preparedness information, and a power calculator to help you choose the the right size generator for your home and family.

  • Did You Know: The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends that every family create an emergency disaster plan with a backup source of power. Whether 5-day power company blackout or a weeks-long outage following a hurricane, a backup generator keeps your family safe by providing power throughout the outage. Unlike portable generators, they are are safe to use close to a house, don’t require constant refueling with gasoline, and when properly installed pose less of a carbon monoxide risk.

Small to medium homes requires less power. A 17kW Generator System or 12kW Generator System provide all the power they need. Some homeowners choose a system that powers only essential circuits like refrigerators, freezers, pumps, and a few lights or kitchen appliances.

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