Spring Into Savings with Norwall’s DuroMax Generator Promotion

A young couple sits on their backyard porch with a DuroMax XP13000HX Generator in the yard.

DuroMax Generators Have Multiple Uses Including Home Backup for Power Outages. Most Models are Out-of-the-Box Ready for use with a manual transfer switch, making them easy to connect for home backup. Dual and Tri-Fuel Generators Provide Multiple Fuel Options.

Unpredictable Spring Weather. A 6-Month-Long Hurricane Season. Summer Storms. An aging power grid plagued with spending shortfalls completes a recipe for frequent power outages that take hours—sometimes days or even weeks to repair following a disaster. In 2011, FEMA issued a release advising the public to consider a generator for home backup during emergencies. It makes sense, especially with today’s changing climate, budget shortfalls, and utility spending priorities.


Highlighted DuroMax Generators

Fuel may become a serious concern when using a generator for home backup. A portable generator with sufficient power to keep all the essentials in the house working will use up to 11 gallons of gasoline in eight hours while running at half its rated capacity. At higher loads, it uses even more fuel. That’s 30-40 gallons of gas to haul home from the gas station every day!

You might find it hard to buy gasoline during a widespread power outage.

Dual Fuel and Tri-Fuel Generators make fuel use less of a concern. A 100-250 gallon propane storage tank can last days or even a week or more. Most municipalities have natural gas available—a virtually unlimited supply for a home backup generator.

Switching between fuels is easy and extends portable generator runtime. Use the gasoline when you need the most power, switch to natual gas or propane when you need less power.


XP13000HXT Tri-Fuel Generator

  • Remote Start / Electric Start
  • 10500 Running Watts / 13000 Starting Watts
  • CO Detection and Shutdown
  • Runs on LP Propane, Natural Gas, and Gasoline.
  • Fast, Easy, Safe Connection to a Manual Transfer Switch via the 120/240-Volt Receptacle. Run all your essential appliances and enjoy the everyday conveniences. Plus it runs your furnace in the winter and your window or small central A/C in the summer.

With 10500 Running Watts and 13000 Starting Watts, the XP13000HXT has enough power to runn all the essentials during a power outage.

DuroMax Portable Inverters

DuroMax XP9000iH Dual Fuel Inverter Generator in a Back Yard Near a Fence

Regular portables run a fixed speed of 3600 RPM in order to produce Alternating Current at 120/240-Volts and 60 Hertz.

Inverters work differently. Most use an efficient alternator that produces current at any speed. A simple circuit converts the current to DC, and then the inverter electronics output very clean AC current with almost no distortion—just what your electronics and sensitive appliances need.

Parallel capability allows two inverter generators to run parallel for twice the power. Run one generator until you need more power, then start the second generator and enjoy twice the power.


The XP9000iH Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

  • Remote Start / Electric Start.
  • Power a large RV or use at home for backup during an outage.
  • 7600 Running Watts / 9000 Starting Watts
  • Parallel Capable for 2x the power—up to 15200 Running Watts!
  • Less noise than most portables.
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Runs on LP Propane or Gasoline.

Like it’s bigger and more powerful 9000 Watt brother, the XP4500iH Dual Fuel Inverter Generator produces clean, efficient power by converting DC to AC with very little signal noise and distortion.

The generator runs on LP Propane or Gasoline and includes an RV travel trailer receptacle for 120-Volts at up to 30 amps plus two standard 120-Volt Household outlets and USB-A and USB-C Charging Ports.

The RV Ready DuroMax XP4500iH Portable Inverter Generator Connected to a Travel Trailer RV

  • Runs 11 Hours on a 20-pound LP tank
  • Remote or Push-Button Electric Start
  • Quiet 65 dBA Operation
  • Low Idle Switch for less noise and greater fuel economy.

Dual Fuel Portable Generators with CO Alert

The DuroMax XP10000HX Connected to a 100-Pound LP Propane Tank for Home Backup

CO Alert is an important feature, especially when using a generator for home backup. The generator automaticall detects the buildup of Carbon Monoxide and shuts down if the gas accumulates to unsafe levels.

The Dual Fuel Hybrids run on either LP Propane or Gasoline. Smaller generators can run on a 20-pound LP tank, like those for a BBQ grill, but larger generators like these need more fuel. Consider the benefits of a 60-pound or 100-pound propane tank, easily filled at your local propane station.

Portable Hybrids are electric start and equipped with 50-Amp Receptacles for easy connection to a transfer switch—the safest, most reliable connection to a home for backup power during an outage.