National Promotion Extends Limited Warranty on Guardian Backup Generators

Generac Guardian Home Standby Generators—The Most Popular Generator in America—Keeps the Power on Throughout Outages lasting hours, days, or even weeks.

Norwall PowerSystems ( announced a 10-Year Warranty promotion on all Generac Guardian Home Standby Generators. The offer applies to all Generac Guardian generators purchased between January 20 and March 1, 2019. Automatic generators “standby” until the power goes out. Moments after an outage hits, the generator starts and supplies the home with electric power. Natural Gas or Propane operation eliminates the need for frequent refueling common with portable generators.

The 10-Year Warranty on Guardian Generators sold by Norwall extends the product’s usual warranty to ten years on parts, labor, and travel.

Norwall announced the offer today at Norwall News. “It’s a great deal for homeowners,” said Norwall spokesperson Travis LaVallie. “A Free 10-Year Extended Warranty on Generac Guardian adds an additional value of $995.00. This offer brings peace of mind and confidence that a new generator will last long beyond the initial warranty period.”

To take advantage of the promotion, purchase a Generac Home Standby Generator at Norwall PowerSystems, install and activate your generator, and register online. 

Standby Generators like the the Generac Guardian keep critical home systems running throughout an outage. Refrigerators and Freezers maintain food safety. Sump pumps prevent flooding. Heating and Air Conditioning keep the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The 16kW, 20kW, and 22kW all run multiple air conditioners using Generac Power Management.

Power Outage? No Worry with a Generac Guardian

The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends a Backup Power Source as part of any emergency plan. Extended power outages caused by natural disasters or weather events affect millions of utility customers every year. Hurricanes knock out power for days or even weeks. Last year, Pacific Gas & Electric instituted blackouts lasting 3-5 days to prevent wildfires caused by the utility’s distribution equipment. The company advises everyone to Plan for Power Outages before they happen.

Guardian Generators manufactured by Generac Power Systems are the nationwide best-selling home standby generator. The promotion includes the most powerful air-cooled generator available, the 22kW Guardian Whole House 70432 with a 200-Amp Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS).

The Guardian Series has the first purpose-built V-Twin OHV Engine designed specifically for standby generators. All models include wireless Generac Mobile Link, a monitoring system that provides generator status, alerts, and maintenance scheduling from mobile devices or computers. Guardian generators include 10kW, 14kW, 18kW, 22kW and 24kW and 24kW with or with an ATS, numerous features and benefits, and a design that facilitates reduced installation costs.

Generac Guardian Home Generators install close to the home, fit in with landscaping, and provide safe and reliable backup power.

Cooled by air, Guardian home standby generators utilize a fan to force air over the engine and alternator. Generac incorporates their own V-Twin Overhead Valve Engine with a fully pressurized lubrication system for greater reliability and long life. The Generator runs an exercise cycle on a regular schedule to keep it ready for reliable starts and to perform a self-test that identifies faults.

Generac became the first manufacturer to include an engine designed specifically for a generator with features like a fully pressurized oil system and Spiny-Lok cast-iron cylinder walls. True Power Technology and Automatic Voltage Regulation provide utility-grade power. A compatible Automatic Transfer Switch is required for installaton and connection to a home.

Mobile Link, included with all Guardian Backup Generators, keeps you informed and connected with status changes, alerts, and maintenance updates.

Mobile Link Wireless keeps you connected and up to date with changes in generator status and alerts, maintenance and service scheduling on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Upgrade to Mobile Link Cellular 4G LTE for greater reliability during storms or natural disasters that interrupt landline telephones and home internet service.

Purchase of a Generac Guardian Home Standby Generator automatically includes Mobile Link Wireless. It connects through your homes wireless router. Mobile Link Cellular, a monthly subscription service, adds reliability by connecting through local cellular service providers. Cellular communication have a proven track record of superior reliability after disasters of any kind.

We have thousands of Generac Guardian Standby Generators in stock and ready to ship in 1 to 2 days.

Travis LaVallie

Norwall PowerSystems