The DuroMax XP15000EH Dual Fuel Generator delivers 12000 watts continuous power and up to 15000 starting watts. Great for Home Backup or power on a jobsite. Transfer Switch Ready with 120/240-Volt 30-Amp and 50-Amp Outlets. Runs on LP or Gasoline.

February Promotion Saves Up to $800 Off the Regular Price

February 3, 2023, Lake Havasu City, Arizona: Norwall announced February savings on DuroMax Portable Generators today. Save up to $800 off Norwall’s regular low price on generators from 4500 watts to 15000 Watts. Gasoline, Dual Fuel, Tri-Fuel, and Carbon Monoxide Detecting Generators for Home Backup, Jobsites, and Recreation. Portable generators go anywhere to bring electric power wherever you need it. DuroMax ships all their portable generators with an industry leading 3-year or 5-year limited warranty.

Portable generators work independent of the local grid. Find them at jobsites lacking utility power, campgrounds, remote campsites, tailgate parties, and homes during power outages. The portable is a reliable source of power that keeps you working or adds ammenities to your favorite outdoor activity. Traditionally, portables ran on gasoline, but later models added propane and natural gas as fuels for greater diversity, safety, and convenience.

Even if you buy a DuroMax portable generator for home backup, you can take it wherever you need it. Go camping or RVing, power tools and lights on the job, or take it tailgating at the stadium. A DuroMax Portable Generator has all the power you need, wherever you need it.

Tri Fuel Runs on Natural Gas, Propane, or Gasoline. Shuts down if it detects CO.

Did you know that a DuroMax Portable Generator includes a 3-year or 5-year limited warranty? Industry leading DuroMax backs up your purchase with more protection than any other portable manufacturer. Meets CARB and EPA Standards for sale in all 50 states.

The DuroMax XP9000iH Inverter Generator. 7600 Running Watts, 9000 Starting Watts. Remote Start with FOB or just push the button. Dual Fuel Capability to run on Gasoline or Propane. Digital Control Center. Parallel Ready for Double Power with a second Generator.

DuroMax: Powering Everyone…Anywhere!

Whether keeping your essentials running during an outage, powering tools and equipment on a jobsite, or running the RV air conditioner on a camping trip, a DuroMax portable generator starts easy and keeps the power flowing. The typical home needs at least 5000-6000 watts to run essentials, and quite a bit more for central air and a furnace. On jobsites, figure at least 2000 watts per tradesperson. Camping, tailgating, or RVing typically use less power, but large RVs are more power hungry.

We’re in the middle of the winter with power outages from ice and snowstorms. Spring is right around the corner with hurricane season, summer storms, and Public Safety Power Shutoffs. You can’t beat these savings on a DuroMax Generator from Norwall for backup power when the power is out.

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A generator provides a measure of safety for home and family. If the power goes out, the refrigerator will keep your food safe for about four hours, give or take an hour. Once the temperature rises above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, safety becomes questionable. Freezers keep food frozen longer, some for up to two days if it’s kept shut. A portable generator can run your fridge, freezer, sump pump, microwave, and a few lights. It could even keep your internet working. Use it for a few hours, a few days, or longer.

Safety First: Portable Generators are for outdoor use only. Never Run them  indoors. Take them outside and place them at least 20 feet from your home. Use only outdoor rated cords with the same current rating as generator receptacle.

Max Power For Home Backup – Jobsites – and Heavy Loads

15000 Watt Dual Fuel

  • Powerful 713 cc V-Twin Engine
  • Keyed Electric Start
  • 30 or 50-amp Transfer Switch Ready

13000 Watt Dual Fuel

  • Low Idle Reduces RPM to Save Fuel
  • Powerful 500cc Engine
  • Pushbutton Electric Start

12000 Watt Dual Fuel

  • Carbon Monoxide Detect/Shutdown
  • Home Backup – JobSite – Recreation
  • Multiple Outlets Include 4 GFCI

The Duromax Tri Fuel Generator runs on Natural Gas, Propane, and Gasoline for the ultimate in flexibility and the longest run times available for any portable home generator. Note the different power capacities for each fuel and plan accordingly.

DuroMax Portable Generators at Norwall

You never know when the next power outage or PSPS will leave you in the cold and dark. That’s why the DuroMax February Promotion at Norwall includes some of the most versatile portable generators on the market, from the powerful 15000 watt generators, tri fuel models and dual fuel models, to the quiet yet powerful inverter generator that uses less fuel.

The reliability of our nation’s electrical grid is declining with budget shortfalls stacking up every year. Add in the frequency of violent storms from climate change or the uncertainty of a power company that unexpectedly shuts off your power to prevent their aging equipment from starting a wildfire.

Even if you’re not worried about power outages at home, a DuroMax portable generator from Norwall goes wherever you need it from outdoor recreation, power on the job, or turning on the lights at a remote cabin. DuroMax. Powering Everyone…Anywhere.

Did you know that FEMA recommends backup power for emergencies. A portable generator goes wherever you need it and supplies power through the night.

10000 Watt Dual Fuel

  • Carbon Monoxide Detect/Shutdown
  • Pushbutton Electric Start 
  • Home Backup – JobSite – Recreation

8500 Watt Dual Fuel

  • MX2 Powerboost Max 120V Power
  • Electric Start for Easy Operation
  • 12-Hour Run Time on 1 Tank of Gas

4500 Watt Dual Fuel

  • Exceptionally Quiet Inverter
  • Remote Start with Fob
  • Run Parallel with a 2cd Generator