January Sale Saves Customers Hundreds off Norwall’s Regular Price

January 18, 2023 Lake Havasu City, Arizona: For a limited time, save hundreds below Norwall’s regular low price on Generac Guardian, EcoGen, and PowerPact Home Standby Generators. Fully automatic, the home backup systems start moments after a power outage hits and keep running until the utility restores power. Typical time from outage to power restoration is less than thirty seconds.

A standby generator system works through two key components. A home backup generator system connects to your circuit breaker panel through an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). When the power goes out, the generator controller senses the outage instantly. The engine starts and runs for a few seconds. When it is ready to accept the load, the generator signals the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). It isolates the utility power lines and connects the generator, restoring power to the entire home or specific circuits selected during installation.

Whether you choose to power the entire house or only essential circuits, a Generac Home Generator restores power seconds after the outage hits.

Did you know? Generac is the number one bestselling home standby generator brand in the United States. 7 out of 10 homeowners choose Generac over other brands.

Stay Prepared for Power Outages with a Generac Generator

The frequency and duration of power outages continue to increase as the aging infrastructure of our power grid declines. We see planned blackouts in California, now called Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS). Unexpected cold dips into the South and brings snow or ice. Outages last a day or more while residents shiver in their homes. No part of the country is immune from a lengthy and unexpected power outage.

Travis LaVallie at Norwall said, “No one has lower advertised prices than Norwall. The January sale on Generac Home Generators saves our customers another 10 percent—hundreds of dollars off our regular low price on all Generac Air-Cooled Generators.”

If you’re away from home when the power goes out for a half day or longer, you might not realize that the food in the refrigerator spoiled or that the freezer thawed and refroze after the power returned. That food could be unsafe to eat, but you won’t know about it until you get sick.

Without power, the sump pump doesn’t work, and the furnace can’t keep the house warm. The pipes could freeze and burst. When they thaw, the resulting flood turns a simple outage into a disaster.

Whether you’re home, at work, or halfway across the globe, a Generac Generator from Norwall keeps your family and home safe in more ways than you might realize. The house stays comfortable. Fresh food in the fridge is safe to eat. If you rely on a well for water, that works too. All the day-to-day necessities and conveniences get the power they need when they need it.

A Generac Home Generator brings you peace of mind. It keeps your family safe and comfortable and protects your property from damage that can occur during an outage