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A Kohler Generator Supplies Power During an Outage After a Storm

A Kohler Standby Generator automatically powers a home throughout an outage. Just seconds after the power goes out, the Kohler Generator starts and the system moves the house onto backup power. 

Spring Holiday Sale—Save Hundreds on Kohler Home Standby Backup Generators

Norwall lowered prices on Kohler Home Standby Air and Liquid Cooled Generators. The May Holiday Sale starts today and ends May 26, 2020. The Norwall Online Catalog Reflects the lower prices. The sale includes all Kohler Residential and Light Commercial single and three-phase generators.

Kohler standby generators restore power moments after a utility power outage or blackout. The generators run on natural gas or propane; an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) connects the home electrical system to the generator. Kohler Features and Benefits include keeping refrigerators and freezers running, power heating and air conditioning to keep the house comfortable, and supply electricity to other essential and convenience circuits.

A single suburban home has power from a Kohler Standby Generator during an outage.

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Inspired by an innovative discovery, Kohler began delivering the revolutionary “Kohler Automatic Power & Light” generator system to rural farms where electricity was not yet available. The automatic generator turned itself on and off as electricity was needed. 

In same the spirit of innovation in the 1920s, Kohler backup generators add security and convenience to life while keeping you and your family safe during a power outage. From summer thunderstorms to winter ice storms, power company blackouts to hurricane disasters, your family barely notices the outage.

Kohler generators keep the power on when you need it most and continue to keep it on when the outage extends into days or even weeks.

Kohler Home Standby Generator Systems

Early beginnings gave Kohler Generators well-earned trust as a supplier and innovator of generator solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial standby and emergency power. Today, Kohler continues to foster that trust with a commitment to improve existing products and design new ones with world-class engineering and after-sale support.

From the 1920s to the 2020s, Kohler innovation and ingenuity continue to provide the features you count on to get through an outage that lasts a few hours, a few days, or even a few weeks. Trust in a brand with a century of generator manufacturing experience for Home and Light Commercial Generators backed by a 5-year warranty.

Take advantage of this Spring Holiday Sale on Kohler Home and Light Commercial Generators. Right now is the best time to prepare for hurricane season, summer storms, and fire season blackouts.  The 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season begins June 1 and the California PG&E Fire Season Blackouts aren’t far beyind. Are you Ready for another year of power outages from storms, hurricanes, and utility blackouts?

Kohler Liquid Cooled Generator Outside a Small Business

FAQ: Transfer Switch Rating—Which One Do I Need?
Norwall bundles Briggs and Stratton standby generators with automatic transfer switches rated at 100 Amps, 150 Amps, and 200 Amps. The ATS rating must equal or exceed the rating of the equipment it serves. For a whole house transfer switch, a main panel with a 100-Amp main breaker requires an ATS rated AT LEAST 100 Amps. A 200-Amp or 150-Amp ATS will work just as well, but they cost more. On the other hand, a main panel with a 200-Amp breaker requires at least a 200-Amp ATS. See our Buyer Guide: How to Choose a Backup Generator Automatic Transfer Switch


Liquid-Cooled Generator Mounted on a Generator Pad next to a home

Power Management capability built into Kohler Standby Generator Systems allow smaller, more economical air-cooled generators to power heavy loads like air conditioners during an outage. Larger, Liquid-Cooled Kohler Generators can handle the triple digit temperatures found in hot climates. Kohler Generators include a 5-Year Limited Warranty—exactly what you expect from a trust company like Kohler PowerSystems.

No two homes or families are exactly the same and all have unique power requirements. Large homes and estates require more power than a small home with one or two residents and a small business may need more power than even the largest family. Find your power requirements with the Power Calculator and Sizing Guide.

  • Did You Know: The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends that every family create an emergency disaster plan with a backup source of power. Whether 5-day power company blackout or a weeks-long outage following a hurricane, a backup generator keeps your family safe by providing power throughout the outage. Unlike portable generators, they are are safe to use close to a house, don’t require constant refueling with gasoline, and when properly installed pose less of a carbon monoxide risk.

Small to medium homes requires less power. A Kohler 14kW 16-Circuit Generator or Kohler 8kW 12-Circuit Generator provide all the power they need. Some homeowners choose a system that powers only essential circuits like refrigerators, freezers, pumps, and a few lights or kitchen appliances.

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