DuroMax Generators: Powering Everyone…Anywhere

Norwall recently added DuraMax Generators to the portable generator catalog. The electric start generators range in size from 4500 watts to 12000 watts–enough power for home backup to keep all your essentials and conveniences up and running. DuroMax and DuroStar Generators feature durable all metal construction, long run times, and DuroMax OHV engines with low oil shutdown. Strict manufacturing standards and a commitment to the environment, along with EPA and CARB emissions compliance make the generators available for sale in all 50 states.

The new DuroMax generators come in three configurations.

  • Gasoline powered with Electric Start.
  • Dual Fuel Gasoline or Propane with Electric Start.
  • Dual Fuel Gasoline or Propane with CO Alert and Electric Start.

A total of twenty-six new models make up the DuroMax Generator brand at Norwall. DuroMax, located in Ontario, California, manufactures outdoor power equipment, including DuroMax Generators. DuroStar is a sister company with similar models and pricing. DuroMax: Powering Everyone…Anywhere.

According to Travis LaVallie, adding the new line of DuroMax and DuroStar generator products will help the company meet customer demands at a time when so many manufacturers struggle to fill orders and meet delivery dates.

  • Dual Fuel “EH” Generators run on Gasoline or Propane
  • CO Alert “HX” Generators run on Gasoline or Propane and Shut Down Automatically if Carbon Monoxide Builds up
  • Gas “E” Generators run on Gasoline
  • All Listed DuroMax Generators Have Electric Start

DuroMax Generators for Home Backup

From Texas Winter Storms to Hurricanes and Violent Storms in the Midwest to the California Blackouts and Wildfires, the need for a home generator increases every year. Anyone living in the United States is vulnerable to an outage. Power restoration can take a day to several weeks. Meanwhile, there’s no heating or air conditioning, pipes can freeze or families swelter in the heat. No power means food spoils in the refrigerator or freezer. Sump pumps don’t run to prevent flooding. Those with a well can’t obtain fresh water for drinking, cooking, or basic necessities. Medical equipment can’t operate without electricity.

Home Backup:  12000 Watt Generator | 10000 Watt Generator | 8000 Watt Generator

DuroMax and DuroStar Generators for Home Backup have 120/240-Volt Receptacles for connection to a manual transfer switch or for use with a generator cord. With a transfer switch, restoring power to the home is faster and easier than using multiple extension cords.

Almost any DuroMax generator can provide backup power to a home, but for large appliances including furnace and air conditioner, consider the larger models from 7000 to 12000 watts.

DuroMax Generators at Work

Many trades and small businesses need power in places where it isn’t available or where it is inaccessible. On construction sites, contractors need electrical power for multiple trades to work at the same time. The generator runs all day to power an air compressor, table saw, and multiple hand tools or charge batteries for battery powered tools.

 Job Sites: 4500 Watt Generator | 7000 Watt Generator | 10500 Watt Generator

Corded tools like saws and drills can take up to 1500 watts of power while a 3 horsepower compressor can use more than 2200 watts.

It’s important for contractors to have reliable power to keep everyone working. Choose from smaller models at 4500 watts for two or three tradesmen or up to 12000 watts for up to eight people all working at the same time.

DuroMax Generators for Recreation

People should play as hard as they work. When it comes to weekends and getting away from it all, a DuroMax Generator for RVing, Camping, or Tailgating can make it more relaxing and more fun. All the DuroMax Generators have enough power for a rooftop air conditioner, and some can power two or three. With the MX2 switch, the generators convert from 120/240-Volt power to full power at 120 volts for 30-Amp or 50-Amp operation.

 RV Recreation: 4500 Watt Generator | 3850 Watt Generator | 8000 Watt Generator

Most of the models include a 120/240-volt 30-Amp twist-lock receptacle. Large capacity generators may have a 30-Amp and a 50-Amp outlet. All can be used to power an RV, popup camper, or truck camper with an adapter.

The RV Ready XP5250EH has a TT-30R 30-Amp RV outlet to power an RV without the need for an adapter. It provides 4200 running watts, enough for one or two rooftop air conditioners and small appliances.